Links I Love - August 11, 2017

Here are the nine stories that kept me entertained this week.
  1. "How to Build a Successful brand Without a Big Budget" from Spin Sucks
  2.  Spaghetti squash is life - check out these 22 delicious recipes from Delish
  3. Need another reason to love Chicago? It's called the American Writers Museum!
  4. When a nine-year-old applies to be NASA's planetary protection officer, you listen
  5. Housing prices are dropping in Toronto at a record pace
  6. Finally, the 10 commandments for applying makeup like a damn pro
  7.  More positive impacts for legalizing marijuana in Canada
  8.  House Beautiful's 20 easy decorating ideas will help transform a room in just a day
  9. Zoodles instead of pasta - check out these 28 delectable recipes

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